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Captains Log:  Its currently 8:12 PM and I am trying to catch up on blogging and letting everyone know what I have been up to, in between commercials breaks of The Voice, Australia and the Celebrity Apprentice. 


Its been a crazy week since gallivanting throughout Thailand on our mid-semester break.  The next several entries are going to recount each day of my Thai adventure…each day will be a new entry. 


“Tuk Tuks and White Spirits”

Our long as day started at about 8pm Friday evening in Brisbane.  Mike and I finally made it to the airport and boarded our plane headed to Singapore.  Luckily, there were 5 girls whom we have met from the Nest who are studying at UQ who were doing an island hoping tour in Thailand and on our flight.  Mike and I had this plan that we were going to drink our way to Singapore and sleep from Singapore to Bangkok. …  we didn’t even get half way to Singapore when we decided that wasn’t a good plan.  We put on movies and just slept.  Excitement got to me and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to sleep a whole lot on the way to Thailand.  When we finally landed we were sucked into  a tourist trap and registered for a tour of a couple different temples in the area.  We were sucked in because the Kings eldest sister had recently passed away and everything was about to be shut down for several days and we had to go that day.


I was not really sure what I was getting myself, and Mike into as we made our way towards our hotel.  It was my first time in a third world country and didn’t have any expectations or preconceived notions other than poor, dirty, not very glamorous….go figure.  We finally got dropped off about 800 meters from our hotel on Khao San Road, and within that 800m walk, we were offered a custom tailored suit three times, about 40 tuk tuks, and other various random useless shit on the street.  Tuk Tuks are notoriously “Thai.”  They are three-wheeled pile of junk that the drivers of try to take you everywhere you DON’T want to end up.  They purposely take you to different vendors and jewelry shops in hopes that you buy some of their ‘precious stones’.  We decided to roam the street and get our bearings before we were picked up for our tour.  We bartered a lot throughout our trip, and on this first day we were exposed to the delicacy of Pad Thai.  Yummmm.  For me I was quite skeptical because I steer very far away from oriental food at home.  I was pleasantly surprised and purchased it quite a few times again later that week. We toured Wat Pho, “Tall Buddha,” and the “Reclining Buddha.” 


We went back to our hotel, walked the shops a bit and decided to try some local vodka…or what we are assuming to be vodka.  It was entitled ‘White Spirits’ and was terrible.  We mixed it with Coke and orange soda and nearly finished the bottle that night.  We also decided to get a tower of Change beer, which was four liters of 6.4% beer.  Shits mental!  Luckily it tasted good and I didn’t mind it.  The night ended with skyping home drunkenly to let my loving parents know that I was still alive.  They happen to be visiting my sister in Cross Lake, so I was able to see the whole fam! 

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